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Wordpress Website

WordPress Website


What is WordPress Website ?

WordPress website is to make use of the open source wordpress software to create your website.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a free open source Content Management System (CMS) Software for designing stunning website with feature rich functionalities. It is currently the most popular CMS in the world for designing website.

WordPress originally started as a platform for developing blogging site, but has over the years developed into a full fledged CMS platform for developing any types of website from simple website, to advanced full featured website including ecommerce website with interactive shopping cart & payment system.

WordPress programming code is based on PHP, javascript, HTML and CSS.  And it is using MySQL as the database to store the website contents.

PHP programming and MySQL are server side code, as it runs on the web server, while javascript, HTML and CSS are client side code, as it is executed within your PC or client browser.


Pros and Cons of using WordPress for Website Design


Pros of Using WordPress for Website Design

*  Enable you to develop and manage big and complex websites
*  Allow user to edit and update website content without having to learn any software programming
*  There are many themes and plugins available to allow for advanced features and functions
*  Allow you to add responsive design into the website
*  Could also help to integrate SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) into your website


Cons of Using WordPress for Website Design

*  WordPress website could be slow especially for huge website. However a skilful web developer would be able to speed up your wordpress website, by proper website development & design.

* WordPress as it is an open source,  is vulnerable to various types of hacking. Therefore your developer must be able to include the necessary security measures on your website. As each security features would slow down your website accordingly, understanding the details of how to balance the necessary security fix, and website speed is important.

Also your website design company must have the high quality skill to fix any issues that your website may encounter including being hacked.

* To achieve many of the features required of a website, some developers use  alot of unnecessary plugins which would slow down the website. Therefore it is important to use the minimum plugin that is necessary to achieve the functions. Some 3rd party plugins or themes would also slow down your website.


How to host your WordPress Website ?

To host a wordpress website,  you must first buy a domain name for your website, and sign up webhosting plan from a webhosting provider . Next you would then install the wordpress software into your webhosting server. Then you could use the wordpress CMS system or tool to design or add in your desired content. After publishing  these content on your webserver, these content would show up on your website.


Who owns wordpress software?

WordPress software is not owned by any single person or organisation. It is a free open source software released under the General Public License (or GPL) version 2 “or any later version.

That is, anyone is free to make use of it.

However, the WordPress Foundation is a non-profit organisation who managed, maintained, develop & co-ordinate the continued development and update of wordpress software, together with thousands  contributors in the wordpress community.


Who develop wordpress software ?

The two original developer were Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little, who develop wordpress  software out of an existing website blogging software b2/cafelog.  The code was eventually released under  GNU General Public License.

Since then, the code has been further extended and contributed by tens of thousands of developer worldwide in the wordpress community, and updated regularly.

The WordPress trademark and the WordPress.org domain is owned by the WordPress foundation, a non-profit  organization, whose sole purpose is to ensure that WordPress is freely available, maintained, and continued development.


 Wordpress.org  vs  WordPress.com  ?

 What is wordpress.org ?

WordPress.org is a website where the wordpress CMS software is stored.  It contains the wordpress CMS source code, including the source codes for many different themes, plugins and all related documentation.  So in short, wordpress.org is a repository for the source code of wordpress software and all related documentation.

As this site is just a repository site, so when you wish to have your own self hosted website using wordpress, you need to get a webhosting plan from webhosting provider & install these wordpress CMS software that is stored on wordpress.org site.  Alternatively, your webhosting provider may have already copied the  wordpress software from wordpress.org over to their server, to make it easy for you to install from their hosting site.


What is wordpress.com ?

WordPress.com is a propriety blog or website hosting service site using wordpress software.  This site is owned by Automattic, which is a company owned by Matt Mullenweg.

WordPress.com is not related to wordpress.org  other than it is getting the wordpress software from the repository site wordpress.org.
Wordpress.com site offers both free plan and various paid plans. The free plan allows you to create website using the built-in wordpress software on this site, where your domain url would look something like “http://yourname.wordpress.com”.    And they would put their adverstisements on the free plan. The paid plan allows you to specify your own domain name, and depending on the plan you choose, it comes with different hosting features.

One advantage to host your website on wordpress.com is, you could get your website up fairly fast and easy, if you just require a simple website.
However, the severe limitation is, there are many restrictions on the site and you are unable to install your desired plug-ins containing the features you want. And there is also no way to include custom codes, for custom features that you may need.

That is the reason why most companies prefer to have their own self hosted website using other web hosting provider, where they have full control, and using the wordpress software downloaded from the repository site wordpress.org to your website.

Where to find WordPress Website Developers in Singapore?

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