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Software solutions

… customised software for eLearning management portal,booking system …

Property Portal, Job Recruitment Website

… we provide customized property portal, recruitment & job portal …

Recruitment/Job Portal

If your organisation has been spending much HR resources co-ordinating the recruitment of candidates and job-applicants, we have just the right solution for you.

We could setup a job application website portal where you or the various departments of your organisation could post each job positions and requirements. Applicants could apply directly on your website and submit their resume online to these jobs. And you and your organisation could manage and co-ordinate all the job resumes within your job portal. This would provide efficient handling of your organisation recruitment needs, and save much of your time for recruitment.

This system could also be customized for employment agency who allows different companies to create their job postings on their website, where applicants could submit their job applications directly to these job posting.

Features include integrating advanced job search functions, payment gateway etc.. where you could have the option to charge companies or applicants and collect payment online for such job hunting or job search services.

In you are in this business, just let your website manage and do the business for you, 24/7 and through weekend and public holidays as we automate all the processes involved.