… corporate website to support business in Singapore and the rest of the world …


… ecommerce website, auction site for online shopping business

Software solutions

… customised software for eLearning management portal,booking system …

Property Portal, Job Recruitment Website

… we provide customized property portal, recruitment & job portal …

Course Portal/ eLearning Management Portal

If you or your organisation requires to provide regular training to educate your staff or employees on certain knowledge, company policy or procedures etc… including monitoring and tracking their learning progress, we have just the right solution for you.

We could set up an elearning website or course management portal to enable you to manage, monitor and track in real time, the learning process of your staff, clients, students etc… And reports with statistical results could also be generated.

This system would be ideal for organisations who need to manage or co-ordinate the education or training of their staff, or even for educational institution who need to manage and track their students learning progress.

And with our integration into payment gateway, educational institutes or business owners could also charge a fee and collect money online for each of the online courses being offered.