How do Search Engine work ?

Search engine work by using their computer servers called crawlers or spiders to go round those web pages in the internet to index the keywords and content on each web pages, and store them into their databases. Since google has more than 80% market share for all search engine searches, we would be referring our discussion mostly to google search engine.

When user  enter their desired search keywords into the google search engine, a list of websites with content that matches the search keywords would be retrieved by the search engine and  be displayed to the user.   Based on these website list and the corresponding description shown, the user would decide which website link is relevant to click, to get to the website.

In google search engine, the top few website search list is reserved for paid advertising, followed by the list websites that is ranked based on the most relevant content due to the search keywords.  We called the second portion of these website search list as organic search list.    And usually a few other website list located near the bottom of the page will again be reserved for paid advertising.

If your website want to be listed within the top few search list reserved for paid advertising, you need to compete for these by bidding on those keywords based on the cost per click(CPC) you are willing to pay. So the higher CPC you bid, to outbid your competitors, your website link would appear higher up on google search list reserved for paid advertising either at the top of the page or if your CPC bid is low, would near the bottom of the page. However, if your bid price is too low, your ads may not even be shown within the first page of google search list.


What is SEO ?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization  is the process of optimizing the search keywords on your web page content, such that these web pages were ranked high by Google Search Engine, for it to be displayed in free search list portion when the user enter the relevant search keywords. These website search list that are shown, is a result of SEO effort, and are also commonly referred to as organic search list or free search list, as you do not need to pay anything to google, when your user click on these website search list to get to your website.


What is SEM ?  

SEM or Search Engine Marketing is the process of digital marketing using paid advertising on Google Search Engine, such that your website links would appear within the top few search list, or the few bottom search list reserved for paid advertising, when the user  enter the relevant search keywords.

So if you bid high enough for certain keywords, your website links may appear within the top few paid advertising search list, or the bottom few paid search list. Depending on how competitive the search keywords are, you may be charged from a few cents, to few dollars or tens of dollars for each click the user click on, which will send them directly to your website.


Where to find SEM or SEO services in Singapore?

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